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Services Offered

Urology Center Inc. is committed to our clients worldwide to provide discrete services which include but are not limited to the following:

Our facility is equipped to provide simple diagnostic tests to screen for prostate and testicular cancers. We also perform simple in-office diagnostic tests for bladder and urinary problems, thereby saving our clients additional hospital costs.

Our staff is trained to be friendly, courteous, and helpful to all our clients. They will gladly assist with any question and/or direct clients to necessary resources to achieve a satisfactory resolution to problems or issues of concern.

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International Executive Services

Through The Executive Health Care Unit (TEHCU), we coordinate the delivery of comprehensive medical services ranging from preventive medical checkups to surgical and non-surgical treatment of ailments to busy executives from foreign countries.

Because we realize that executives get caught up in busy schedules and "forget" to take care of themselves, we also offer an array of interventive medical screenings to detect a myriad of medical conditions for the busy male or female executive. All services are coordinated with the hospital and relevant medical specialists as necessary. Also, all the medical resources are within a one-mile radius. Please contact any of our staff members for additional information about this service.

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